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Careful attention to local green spaces has made it possible to create a variety of public spaces: quiet spaces are located in preserved green areas on the periphery of the territory. Active spaces are located on vacant lots and at the intersections of pedestrian traffic closer to the center of the complex.
Large-scale landscaping separates the realization queues, forming public spaces and boulevards.
The sequence of realization of the complex is important. The southern part proposed for realization of the 1st stage is the closest to the ocean, a walk to which is a great value. It is through it that future residents will walk, so this location will avoid the type of construction of subsequent stages on the way to the ocean.
Nuanu's important development goals are:
● providing comfortable accommodation and
the life of the Nuanu community
● implementation of sustainable development principles
therefore, we apply:
● building innovations combined with
traditional construction methods Bali Islands
● balanced construction with attention
to natural features
● organization of convenient connections between residential blocks and nature
● introduction of art objects into the residential environment
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